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10 July 2022


PRC Recovery welcomed me warmly, teaching me faith and hope. Now I walk with a smile and have something to live for. Thank you, PRC!


I will recover and I can walk around with a smile on the street.

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I will recover and I can walk around with a smile on the street.

I received a warm welcome at PRC Recovery, I liked that the staff members all had smiles on their faces. I have learned to have faith here. There is hope, I will recover and I can walk around with a smile on the street. I am happy again, I have something to live for. Thanks PRC Recovery!

Individual Counselling

I had one on one sessions with Kerileng, at first I was scared but once I kept talking about myself I felt relieved. Sessions with Innocentia, I was struggling with coping but she did open my mind and I felt better.

Group Counselling

I attended groups with facilitator Onthene and I learned about gratitude. Kerileng taught me about emotional sobriety, communication, conflict and stress.

Step Work Counselling

Onthene took me through the process of step work, and while working on it I realized that I can change and become a better person. She assisted me where I had difficulty understanding some of the questions.


The building is kept clean, even my room. Gym is clean, there is warm water to bath with. Classrooms are neat and clean. I appreciate everything I got at PRC Recovery, it is a nice place to be for healing. I loved it.


Meals were good and healthy. In the morning we eat soft porridge followed by a snack. Then lunch, supper and another snack. I enjoyed the meals and I am going to use some of the cooking tips at home.


Attending the AA/NA meetings was great for me, no one was judging me or one another. I learned that with positive people you can recover and be a good person.


Everything was good, I felt at home and enjoyed everything we were doing.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery is a very good place. On my first day I was scared, but a few days later I noticed that I was not in jail. PRC Recovery is focused on a person's recovery and I liked the way they are running things.

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