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2 April 2023


At PRC Recovery, I arrived broken but found love and support. Grateful for hope and peace in the journey toward healing.


PRC Recovery truly showed me what love is and they did not give up on me.

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PRC Recovery truly showed me what love is and they did not give up on me.

I came to PRC Recovery completely broken and in pieces. I fought with the programme and with the staff for about two weeks. They truly showed me what love is and did not give up on me. Although I am not completely healed yet, I know I have a big support structure and for the first time I have hope and peace about the future and whatever it may hold.

Individual Counselling

It is really amazing, the counsellors go out of their way to assist an individual. Even when it was weekends and the counsellors were off they were willing to speak to me.

Group Counselling

It is a great chance to reflect and think about your actions. You gain a lot of knowledge and get to interact with the group members.

Step Work Counselling

It is good. The counsellors assist you to be honest. You get enough to do your step work and reflect back on past behaviours. PRC Recovery has great staff.


The facility is ok but you can see that it needs and requires a lot of work.


The food is not always great but it is okay. I appreciate that they accommodate my special dieting requirements.


The fellowship is truly great. It is truly like a family and played a big part in my recovery.


The staff (Persty, Megan & Onthene) goes above and beyond to assist you. Onthene and Megan even came and visited me twice. I am truly grateful for their love and support.

What Makes PRC Different?

This is truly a family. You will notice quickly that the staff is not just here to do a job, but it is their passion and they truly walk this road with you and your family.

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