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16 April 2023


PRC Recovery lifted me from rock bottom. Ready to face the world and manage challenges. Grateful for the transformative program.


I am ready to face the world and deal with whatever problems.

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I am ready to face the world and deal with whatever problems.

When I came to PRC I was down and out and had hit rock bottom. I was drinking a lot and had many problems at home and my health was affected. I feel good now. I am ready to face the world and ready to deal with whatever problems I create for myself on the outside. All in all great programme. I would recommend it.

Individual Counselling

I had individual sessions with Kirk and Persty & they both did very well. Kirk was patient with me and gave me good advice.

Group Counselling

Group Counselling was all good and I learnt a lot through them, about myself.

Step Work Counselling

Step Work has become something I want to live by when I leave PRC Recovery. It has worked wonders for me and my journey.


Good facility, Great staff. Rooms were clean and the environment was suitable.


Healthy meals. Small portions but I ended up getting used to it.


The Fellowship was good.


I would have liked to stay longer so that I could discover more about myself.

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