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23 May 2023


PRC Recovery is a transformative centre that helped me recover from drug addiction and regain hope for rebuilding my life.


Because of the help I received from PRC I can get back on my feet.

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Because of the help I received from PRC I can get back on my feet.

PRC Recovery is one of the best recovery centres because it helped me while I was lost in drugs. I now know I will be able to get back onto my feet because of the help I received from PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

The individual counselling was sometimes confusing but PRC Recovery serves good counselling.

Group Counselling

I always understood the groups and they were awesome.

Step Work Counselling

It was hard for me to elaborate on but it was fine.


The facility is one of the most quiet and best facilities.


The portions were small but the food was always on point.


They were treating me as one of their siblings. I am really going to miss being treated like that.


PRC Recovery were nice and kind people to work with.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery gives you a treatment that cannot be found anywhere else. It works if you work it. PRC Recovery is the best recovery centre and helps many addicts.

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