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24 April 2021


PRC Recovery was different to other centres I have been to. They helped me find myself again. I accepted that I will get better and I did.


I was happy to be part of the family here at PRC Recovery.

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I was happy to be part of the family here at PRC Recovery.

I was on stilpains for approximately two years and could not get off by myself. I came to PRC Recovery in January and for the first month, I found it difficult to concentrate as I was very anxious. I however soon accepted the fact that I would get better and I did. I was happy to be part of the family here at PRC Recovery but I kept very much to myself. I concentrated on my step work and managed to get through all of my steps. I do not think it is necessary to change anything here as it all works well with everyone.

Individual Counselling

I had two Individual Counselling sessions and it really helped me. I spoke to Octavea once and Persty once. I would have liked to have more individual counselling in the first month.

Group Counselling

The group counselling was very interesting and I learned a lot about myself from the groups I attended.

Step Work Counselling

The step work was very difficult for me seeing that I had to dig very deep into myself and find out who I was and look at my character defects.


The facility was very comfortable and having all the different activities within walking distance. The showers were very nice and the dining area was interesting.


I ate just about all my Meals and I found the dinners especially filling. I did not enjoy the lunches too much but I ate them as I was hungry after breakfast.


I got to know the ladies very well but I did not get to talk to all the men that much. They were all very interesting.


I was very happy here for the three months that I stayed here. I would recommend PRC Recovery to anyone seeking recovery.

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