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22 April 2023


Recovery can find us anywhere, even in paradise. Accepting my addiction as part of my genetic makeup is part of my journey toward healing.


PRC does not deal with the drug, they deal with the inner self.

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PRC does not deal with the drug, they deal with the inner self.

Even in a remote corner of paradise the disease can find us but so can recovery. I have no problem accepting the fact that I was born an addict. It is in my genes.

Individual Counselling

I really enjoyed my counselling sessions with Mart and Persty. They know what they are talking about. All of the things we spoke about made sense. All the things I did not see happening in my life.

Group Counselling

Compliments to the group, but some never had anything to share. I tried sharing and being open minded for myself to get opinions from others.

Step Work Counselling

Step work counselling sessions were only done twice because I was still on Step one. These two sessions have motivated me to go for even more steps which I will do.


Perfect place, the space is open and I enjoyed the nature, trees around the place is peaceful. No public noise.


The food is very small that I had to ask other people for their food and I did not like that but weekends were great where we could cook for ourselves.


I preferred the AA meetings more than the NA meetings.


I felt like staying for longer in PRC Recovery. I enjoyed every moment of being here. Whatever I have learned I am willing to take it forward for my recovery.

What Makes PRC Different?

One of the best. PRC Recovery is way different than other recovery centres because they can identify the problem and help you find yourself. PRC Recovery does not deal with the drug, they deal with the inner self.

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