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29 October 2019


I was on my last straw after 20 years of drugs. Sceptic upon arrival at PRC but soon after started to feel changes I never thought possible.


If you accept your limitations you will go beyond them.

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If you accept your limitations you will go beyond them.

Recovery was something I never thought I needed. I was in full-blown denial but after 20 years of drugs, I was on my last straw. Arriving at PRC Recovery, I was a sceptic among other things. But soon after entering the programme, I started to feel changes, which I never thought could be possible. With the personal attention given to me as well and the group sessions, things started happening rapidly. Not without hiccups along the way I may add. But with the tools provided to me and the loving caring support of both staff and addicts alike, there was no hurdle I did not or would not be able to overcome. I am looking forward to a life of sobriety. If you accept your limitations you go beyond them.

Individual Counselling

This was a huge part of my early recovery. Pointing things out to me that for so long I failed to see and didn't want to believe using a lot that was discussed to build or re-build my foundation.

Group Counselling

This was extremely helpful in pointing things out I never thought would contribute to my disease. The counsellors here are incredible and definitely give you the tools to work on yourself.

Step Work Counselling

This is a rude awakening not always heating what you want to hear, but definitely what you need to hear. The harsh reality of the truth about our insanity and delusion is brought to light by Mart who is definitely not a rookie in his job.


This place has a homely feel about it enabling you to fit in almost immediately.


It is starch enriched home cooking great for picking up the weight you lost in addiction.


The change I have felt and seen within myself is absolutely incredible. I have felt more growth in the 3rd month than the first two combined. It all starts making sense. PRC is a lovely place giving you ample time to work on yourself. The homely feel, but with strict structure really works.

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