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14 July 2022


My journey at PRC Recovery was a rollercoaster, emotionally draining yet invaluable. Grateful for the understanding and value gained.


It was a rollercoaster only to realize what has been gained.

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It was a rollercoaster only to realize what has been gained.

It was a rollercoaster most of the time for me. The work and experiences were confusing and I was left feeling emotionally drained only to afterwards realize the understanding that has been gained. I have learned a lot and leave PRC Recovery with a lot of value.

Individual Counselling

Very good, I felt heard. I was able to understand different outlooks on my life. Very professional.

Group Counselling

I love the interactive groups as I like asking questions and having the information conveyed in an understandable manner.

Step Work Counselling

My coach is the best. Coach Morne has been the biggest part of my recovery. Without him I would not be able to find value in this program.


Needs some upgrades. The gym equipment is not operational. Broken windows need fixing. The electricity breaker need to be sorted as it keeps tripping.

What Makes PRC Different?

The facilitators are extremely good at what they do. At first it may seem that there are many triggers, but in actuality this environment is preparation for being reintegrated back into society. Step work, along with good coaches leads to a huge aid and foundation of ones recovery.

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