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8 June 2022


Discover life-changing lessons at PRC Recovery. Learn about addiction, faith, and self-discovery. Embrace a new life beyond drugs.


I've been given the opportunity to fight for my life.

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I've been given the opportunity to fight for my life.

I have learned more in PRC Recovery, things that school never taught me. I have learned about the disease of addiction and that I have to have faith in my Higher Power and let go of my will.

I have the understanding that there is more to life than to be using drugs. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to fight for my life. The disease of addiction convinced me that it is impossible for me to get back on my feet alone. This program has shown me that nothing is impossible. I can confidently say that I love who I have become. I love the new me.

Individual Counselling

Persty - it was not easy, honestly, opening up to her about what I was going through at first, but when I was struggling with something she helped me deal with my problems constructively and I am aware of the various areas of my life I need to work on.

Group Counselling

Megan - taught me more about triggers and cravings, how long they last and about people, places and things. Onthene has taught me how to be aware of cross-addiction. I must not be attached to something I do.

Step Work Counselling

Onthene has been so real about my progress, she does not sugarcoat anything. Even though she was taking me back to rewrite things I wrote nonsense on, I respect the fact that she wanted what is best for me in my recovery.


The facilities rules are very strict, but they worked for most of us. I get some sense of understanding that the facility is teaching us how to appreciate life again.


The meals are good even though they are approved by a dietician. I enjoyed the meals and my weight agrees with me.


NA/AA has allowed me to be free, I am feeling like this is where I belong. I totally understand the importance of attending meetings. The fellowship has proven that I don't have to do recovery alone.


I feel like everyone has been good to me. PRC Recovery has made me feel at home, giving me some sense of belonging.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery is different through everything. They focus more on the reasons you are in treatment and less on how comfortable you are. You have to fight this addiction through writing and honestly sharing with an open mind along with the willingness to change. I am not going to lie, it works for me.

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