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6 November 2022


After struggling with multiple recovery attempts, PRC became a transformative blessing, guiding surrender and understanding, leading to life-changing belief in reaching goals.


PRC changed my life and it has made a very huge difference to my life.

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PRC changed my life and it has made a very huge difference to my life.

Well, I was lost and on my own tried to recover by going to a variety of rehab centres, went for detox for 2 days, even got an implant, but that did not help me at all, because of the trauma I went through. I had no chance of recovering on my own I never understand why this kept on happening to me but something amazing happen to me something that come to my mind I really needed help and I realized that I could only get that help through to treatment centre and my higher power led me to PRC this place is the best thing to happen to me I now understand why I used drugs, I understand that I'm powerless and I surrender to god PRC has change my life and it has made a very huge difference to my life. I now believe I can reach my life goals.

Individual Counselling

Well, I enjoy with Persty whilst in sessions I learned a lot of my life and myself, she made me understand clearly that I'm a human and I belong it help my growth and thanks to being part of my recovery.

Group Counselling

I learn a lot about myself, and I know now where I done wrong in my life and why I'm an addict thanks to Onthene, Megan and Persty Mart and Sister Solani for guiding me into the right direction and by making right decisions.

Step Work Counselling

Wow step work helped me a lot throughout my stay at Pace Recovery Thanks to Onthene and NA. I know now what led me to addiction and now I can focus on spiritual principles and what to do when falling into a hole.


I am really satisfied with PRC facility it felt like home to me I'll recommend it to any addict that comes here I am very grateful no complaints.


Food was healthy enough and it made me healthy and picked up a lot of weight I'm grateful.


It helps me gain focused and don't feed.

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