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27 June 2022


PRC Recovery restored my life. From emptiness to fulfillment. I'll always praise and refer others to this rehab.


I came to PRC Recovery as an empty tin and now I am full.

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I came to PRC Recovery as an empty tin and now I am full.

My life has been restored. I came to PRC Recovery as an empty tin, now I am full.
I will never stay silent, I will always praise PRC Recovery. I can refer people who have a problem like mine to this rehab.

Individual Counselling

I have benefitted a lot from these sessions - they have taught me about my anger and how to deal with aggressive emotions. I want to give thanks.

Group Counselling

I have learned to engage with other people, my self-esteem has come back. Now I can participate with other employees at work. I am very grateful.

Step Work Counselling

The more I answered the questions, the more my mind was opening up, my connection with a Higher Power has come back to me.


The facility was good, I was sleeping with warm blankets. The showers were always hot. I don't have any complaints.


I was eating like I was eating at a hotel. Healthy food. I have even gained weight. I never slept hungry, I am grateful.


NA and AA helped me a lot. People, like me, sharing their stories. I understand that we are all equal as human beings.


Staying at PRC Recovery gave me hope in my life. I am a changed man because of PRC Recovery. I got what I came for. Thanks a lot.

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