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6 November 2022


PRC Recovery changed my life, empowering me to believe in achieving my dreams despite past struggles. The journey is challenging but rewarding.


I now believe I can make all my dreams come true.

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I now believe I can make all my dreams come true.

While in active I was lost and completely alone. I tried to recover many times before but my trauma always brought me back to square one. PRC Recovery has changed my life and I now believe I can make all my dreams come true. It is difficult at first but sure worth it at the end.

Individual Counselling

Well, I enjoyed individual sessions with Persty. I learned a lot about myself, and she made me understand that I am only human and I do belong. It helped me grow. Thank you for being part of my recovery.

Group Counselling

I learned a lot about myself and I know now where I have gone wrong in the past and why I am an addict. Thanks to Onthene, Megan, Persty, Mart and Sister Solani for giving me guidance I needed to make the right decisions.

Step Work Counselling

Step work helped me a lot throughout my stay at PRC Recovery. Thanks to Onthene and NA I now know what led me to addiction and now I can focus on working the spiritual principles in my daily life.


I was really satisfied with PRC Recovery's facility. It felt like home to me and I will recommend it to any addict that wants help. I am very grateful, No complaints.


Food was healthy and in turn it made me healthier. I picked up a bit of weight, so I am grateful.


It helped me gain focus. I do not feel alone anymore. NA changed my life.

What Makes PRC Different?

From the beginning I was welcomed with open arms, I was loved and free to feel my own feelings, with no judgement and a ton of support. PRC Recovery gave me the freedom to explore my own religion unlike other facilities. It truly changed my life.

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