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21 December 2022


PRC Recovery focuses on inner peace and transformation. Highly recommended for those seeking a brighter future in recovery.


PRC focuses on bringing the inner most peaceful parts of a person out.

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PRC focuses on bringing the inner most peaceful parts of a person out.

PRC Recovery is one of the best recovery centres I have been to so far. It focuses on bringing the innermost peaceful parts of a person out. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pick up their life and have a brighter future of recovery.

Individual Counselling

Whenever I had individual counselling, I felt like I got full attention and whenever I had a problem it was always tackled head on. I got the help I needed.

Group Counselling

In groups it always felt fun to spend time learning more about ourselves and about the disease of addiction.

Step Work Counselling

My coach Megan always gave me the best feedback and advice concerning life and my step work. Overall she is the best.


The facility is nice, not much I can add on it.


The meals were very good and healthy but the portion sizes were very small.


The people that are here at PRC Recovery are very loving, caring and kind. They look out for one another and they make sure that each and every individual is happy.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery focuses mostly on emotions and trying to make one understand their own emotions. They also help an individual to try and understand themselves and motivate a person to have a future that is bright.

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