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26 April 2023


Powerful counseling sessions at PRC Recovery. Facility needs maintenance. Meals and fellowship could be improved. Grateful for transformative step work counseling.


Transformed by Insight: My Journey at PRC Recovery.

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Transformed by Insight: My Journey at PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

Powerful, compassionate, and effective.

Group Counselling

Was overall good, some groups dull and lifeless. Others very powerful and energetic. Kirk your music therapy were my favourite groups.

Step Work Counselling

I got the most value from this. Megan was amazing the way she bought things out of me, and I will be eternally grateful. I feel that I have finally gotten most of my past out and have shifted incredibly mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you, Megan, you have made a huge impact on my life.


Look around, it is in need of a lot of maintenance, you all know that the beds are not good at all, and the overall condition of the place is falling apart.


I feel they could be improved with little effort. Too much starch (Sugar) not enough protein. The portions could be larger, and the menu could also be more diverse. Skimping on meals- Sugar - milk etc is not a good thing to do.


It would have been nice to attend an outside meeting. Having the same people sharing all the time got dull. You cannot choose your clients but some of the people in here are very unexciting.


I enjoyed the movies- Intervention and the three OT classes. Kirk gives this place a great energy.

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