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1 March 2024


The step work and sharing stories with other recovery people has been incredibly beneficial. If I had not come to rehab that change would not have happened.


I feel like I'm a different person now armed with the tools needed to prosper.

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I feel like I'm a different person now armed with the tools needed to prosper.

I am very grateful for this experience I truthfully did learn a lot very quickly and I feel I'm a different person now armed with the tools needed to prosper. the step work and sharing stories with other recovery people have been incredibly beneficial if I had not come to rehab I feel it's a change that would not have happened. I see that the world will not change for me and I have to be the change in the world with that being said I would be lying if I said that I was impressed, there was almost no interaction with my counsellor or therapy sessions the bull of the change and beneficial knowledge was gained through my step work which I love doing and I am grateful for.

Individual Counselling

Mr Hennie was a very likeable person with a lot of good insight, I had one personal session with but he gave me some advice that I feel will help me greatly I enjoyed the classes.

Occupational Therapy

My first day and first interaction with rehab was with the occupational therapist and I feel it provided exactly what I needed to feel at ease and know that this was the right decision for me.

Social Worker

Wendy is a very pleasant person who made me feel comfortable even in uncomfortable situations. Her insight when doing life stories was impressive - a good listener.

Group Therapy

Hennie - thoroughly enjoyed his group sessions interesting points were raised that would have been good to discuss deeper.

Moses - Group sessions were on good topics but could have done with more interaction as I felt most of it was done solely by him

Innocentia OT - I unfortunately only had one session the day I arrived it was the most interactive group session and would have enjoyed more group sessions.

Recovery Coaching

Moses! Moses was a good coach I valued his advice and respected his boundaries he is a natural talker who with time will carve his tongue out into a force for good.


Admitting the facility could do with some change and or revamp. On days where there weren’t classes or something to keep occupied with (which they were plenty) it got very gloomy and dull around the facility. The beds are very poor and overall it was a bit of a life drainer.


Meals were not too bad although often very small and somewhat rationed out for example 1 egg and 1 sausage is a bit measly. Dinner was almost always very good.


The greatest aspect of my experience was the great group of people I found here. we shared many laughs and made it all the more memorable.


In all honesty it was often very dull and almost depressing in my experience I think the lack of classes and group sessions meant 80% of my time here was spent lazing about trying to kill time. I'm not sure if that is the point of rehabs perhaps to remind us to stick to our clean path of recovery.

What Makes PRC Different?

Never been to any rehabs this was the first and last (for the right reason).

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