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2 November 2022


PRC Recovery lifted me from rock bottom, guiding surrender and rebuilding on solid foundations for a transformed life.


PRC brought me back from rock bottom and helped me to surrender.

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PRC brought me back from rock bottom and helped me to surrender.

PRC Recovery brought me back from rock bottom, helped me to surrender and start rebuilding myself on solid foundations.

Individual Counselling

Mart has a very bad ass demeanour but has had an amazing impact on me.

Group Counselling

Both Megan and Persty gave good concise classes. I have come to grow very fond of both Persty and Megan, really easy to talk to.

Step Work Counselling

As mentioned, Mart has a very unique point of view which really helped me work through steps 1-3.


I had no issues, until I locked myself in my room. Some of the fellows were complaining about a pool being advertised on Facebook, this did not bother me though as I would not have used it anyway.


Meals were great, except for Monday's chicken during lunch is very dry.


I had some downs, but mostly ups with all the group members. Staff promptly helped us resolve the dramas quickly.


Really, I wish I could afford the time to remain here longer. PRC Recovery really helped me see how powerful the 12-step program is. From a unique angle while not overdoing any specific aspect.

What Makes PRC Different?

The fact that we have to do duties, wash our own clothes, attend meals at set times etc brought me back to a purpose driven routine. The staff members all have a unique way of dealing with issues and have been pro-actively tried to help me face my issues and future uncertainties. The location is great with free time and evening meetings by the campfire giving a feeling of being in nature.

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