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3 January 2023


Life-changing experience at PRC Recovery. Grateful for the opportunity to embrace sobriety and seek support from my Higher Power.


PRC unveiled my life for me and now it's my chance to live a sober life.

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PRC unveiled my life for me and now it's my chance to live a sober life.

It has been a life-changing experience. I thought I knew everything and everything was under control until PRC Recovery unveiled my life for me and repacked it for me and now it is my chance to take over and live a sober life. I am really grateful for this opportunity and I ask my Higher Power to please support and bless my way from here.

Individual Counselling

Persty is one of the amazing counsellors I have ever come across. She understands quite easy situations, which helped me a lot because sometimes I could not express myself as much as I wanted to but she knew exactly what I wanted to say and she hits the point before I even do and that, I believe, goes hand in hand with listening because she is a good listener

Group Counselling

I had great group counselling. The counsellors handled the group pretty well and with respect. Giving each and every one of us in the group time to participate and share our views/opinions without judgement or criticism. They would correct whatever needed to be corrected and explain it clearly.

Step Work Counselling

Step work confused the hell out of me in the first few days but my recovery coach with his patience and tolerance tried to explain and reflect whatever I was going through in my life with the questions and that made sense and actually helped me and see the importance of step work.


This facility, what I most got from it is the piece of mind which in a long time I have never had and the very quiet, clean environment where I was able to have my time, to connect with nature and see my higher power's work/creation, secured and gave me my privacy and comfortable accommodation which I am grateful for.


I enjoyed junk food before I came into PRC Recovery or take aways but at PRC Recovery I got so much healthy food and that taught me how to stay healthy which I am also grateful for. Food is a priority and an asset or a block in my recovery depending on how I do it on my way forward from here.


It has been a great pleasure to join this fellowship and most importantly to see people like me suffering from the same disease and how they actually got through from the addiction life and changed to or chose the sober life which I got from their experiences shares and advices on how to keep or maintain a life of sobriety.


Generally this is a place to be if one thinks he is ready to face their problems and to man up and take responsibility. In PRC Recovery nothing gets sugar-coated and all the tools needed to live a life of sobriety are being provided and it is down to that individual to take it or leave it.

What Makes PRC Different?

PRC Recovery's program and its implementation of the program. No one is being babied or spoon fed, everything is being availed and just needs a person to walk the walk and to actually shut up and show up. The rest will be history.

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