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2 May 2023


PRC Recovery facilitated my recovery by overcoming denial and managing schizophrenia. It fostered self-forgiveness, self-love, and a new way of life.


PRC was good for my recovery. They helped me to find a new way of life.

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PRC was good for my recovery. They helped me to find a new way of life.

PRC Recovery has been very good for my recovery. It helped me step out of being in denial. It helped me to stop letting my schizophrenia get the best of me. It helped me to forgive myself and to love myself again. It has helped me to find a new way of life.

Individual Counselling

I feel I did not have enough sessions with my social worker. I suggest an increase in the number of sessions with the social worker.

Group Counselling

The group counselling sessions were very helpful.

Step Work Counselling

I strongly appreciate the step work counselling for the guidance that it provides.


The beds were uncomfortable, I suggest putting in new mattresses. There is not enough equipment in the gym.


There was nothing wrong with the meals other than the portions being small. I also appreciate that they were mostly healthy.


The NA and AA meetings have been very helpful because you get to learn from the things that people share.


In general PRC Recovery Centre is a good rehabilitation centre with effective ways of treatment.

What Makes PRC Different?

In PRC Recovery Centre we are like a supportive family not a group of strangers stuck together.

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