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4 September 2023


PRC Recovery brought positive changes: no more shaking, improved complexion, better sleep, and appetite. Grateful for the transformative journey toward a happy life.


I took a huge step coming to PRC and it changed my life.

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I took a huge step coming to PRC and it changed my life.

Since I was admitted I have noticed some changes through my body. I'm no longer shaking, and I have gained complexion. I sleep well and my appetite is well. Recovery is what I needed a long time ago. Now that I believe I can practice the spiritual principle. to attend AA meetings. I'm proud that I have taken a huge step in coming here at the recovery to change my life to live a happy life.

Individual Counselling

My psychologist, I opened to him about my grieving. He taught me how to treat grief clearly. The social worker fully explained to me how step work works. it is good having a session with him and he helps me to recover.

Group Therapy

It has helped me that now I am able to present my session in front of them about my addiction, where I did not understand they assisted me. I have learned a lot from them.

Step Work Counselling

I have a good relationship with my coach. He teaches me to overcome difficult questions on my step work.


It is well built for recovery. I don't regret for coming here at pace it is where recovery start


The meals are very good they are well cooked I cannot complain.


They assisted me on recovery and the 12 steps to practice.


I want to thank myself for taking a huge step for coming here at the recovery.

What Makes PRC Different?

The way the program is running it suit me.

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