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31 January 2023


Time moves forward on the long road of life. Finding the right direction leads to progress every day, both in journeying forward and returning.


Getting to where you are going starts by finding the right direction.

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Getting to where you are going starts by finding the right direction.

Time never stops. Its the road that is long but getting to where you are going starts by finding the right direction. Everyday there is a way both there and back.

Individual Counselling

Persty listens when you are talking to her, she knows how to do her job. She is also kind and has a great sense of humour and she understands everything. Innocentia is Perfect and wonderful, I appreciated how she did her job.

Group Counselling

The sessions with Megan, Onthene and Persty were impressive. The work we did, I find is more important and useful to my recovery and to the programme. Forgiveness, Trust, Gratitude and Grief.

Step Work Counselling

Megan is a good counsellor and knows how to do her part. I learned a lot from her, she is down to teach you about the recovery programme, that helps us in NA . Addiction is not a choice, Sobriety is.


It has got everything that is needed. There is enough space. Everywhere is well looked after. I also enjoyed the fireplace when we were gathered around for meetings.


I enjoyed the menu. Nicely cooked and prepared for us each day.


I learned to accept my will and my life when we were in meetings and saying I am an addict was the most honest things I have said in my life. I enjoyed the opening up and the shares in meetings.


I straight up refuse to use again. It is pointless and inhumane.

What Makes PRC Different?

The care from the counsellors is good. They make sure that you do the programme and make you understand why you came for treatment. We go on outings to Sudwala and waterfalls. We attend meetings and learn to share about our addiction with others. We are a family, we become one and enjoy our clean time in recovery. To stop the use of drugs for good.

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