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19 August 2022


From desperation to hope and recovery at PRC. Embracing NA with trust and faith, witnessing miracles and transformation. Grateful for new life.


Sticking with the winner's day by day I began to see the light.

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Sticking with the winner's day by day I began to see the light.

Walking dead! I walked into PRC Recovery with a bulk of desperation, guilt and shame. Spiritually and physically dead with the hope to have my life back, but how did that happen? It seemed impossible for me when trying to walk that way home. Once I started the NA program with open-mindedness and willingness, I began to believe in the change in my life.

Sticking with the winner's day by day I began to see the light in my recovery. I have found the power greater than myself, loving and caring, able to restore my life to sanity. I surrendered my life and decided to live to the guidance of that power which is the power of the NA program with trust and hope and faith. There started the dream about the possibilities of the change in my life, I thought that I will be dreaming forever but surely miracles was happening. One day clean only was evidence of change, the thinking was another one in my behaviour. I am grateful to all PRC recovery staff members for their effort that they have put together for the success of my recovery. From death to life today, I can really say "WE DO RECOVER". Thanks

Individual Counselling

I'm grateful that I have been given a second chance for my recovery and very life. I am grateful for the counsellor who did really help me and allowed me to identify my personality and rebuild the relationship with myself and others.

Group Counselling

Honestly, I have learned a lot of skills with how to rebuild my self-esteem and confidence, I learned more, and I still have the feeling of benefitting more from these groups.

Step Work Counselling

My step work coach Morne, the right person I needed for me to start believing in the change in my life. Very helpful. Always been there to assist me.


The facility was the correct fit for my recovery. From the emplacement, establishment and environment. Nice rooms, very comfortable bathroom and gym.


The meals were really appropriate. I enjoyed that there was a variety of meals and sticking to the same routine, it was enjoyable.


The NA fellowship was my first experience of really sensing the power of what I believed in my life. I gained strength, courage, faith and trust through the power of the steps.


Everything in general was a good fit for me. I am grateful for all the personnel, from the staff members to the house mates. Thanks for the very good administration. I really did enjoy my stay at PRC Recovery.

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