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31 July 2022


At PRC Recovery, I was transformed from confusion to clarity, equipped with tools to conquer addiction. Grateful for regained faith and peace.


PRC helped me to accept my powerlessness over my addiction.

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PRC helped me to accept my powerlessness over my addiction.

I came to PRC Recovery as a vessel filled with nonsense, but the staff and the program managed to empty me and fill me with the tools I need to survive. Everything I have learned here helped me in the process of accepting my powerlessness over my addiction. I regained faith in my Higher Power which brought me peace. PRC Recovery has helped me regain a conscience. I thank all of the staff members for equipping me with all the tools I need to conquer my addiction in the outside world.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling was great and effective, it helped me a lot as I was lost in my mind. These sessions helped me come back to reality.

Group Counselling

Effective, I learned a lot about myself and how to handle my emotions, how not to relapse.

Step Work Counselling

Made me feel that my opinions matter. It also broadened my perspective on addiction.


The facility is great for meditation, the surrounding nature is soothing and calming. I found it a bit difficult to adjust seeing that I am used to meditate on music.


The meals were not that good, having the same menu was not good for my palate. My psychiatrist did inform me about this so I expected having not so nice food.


Fellowshipping with the other clients helped me a lot, I got advice when I needed it. Laughed when I really needed it.

What Makes PRC Different?

I believe that PRC recovery has a great program. That is what makes it different.

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