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3 August 2023


PRC Recovery guided me through a month of profound self-discovery and addiction recovery. Grateful for the transformative experience and newfound direction in life.


I found myself and learned more things I did not know about myself.

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I found myself and learned more things I did not know about myself.

Firstly my health and responsibility to handle the way to express myself, coming here I was blind not know were my life is going but through the centre I've been here for a month and seeing myself out here fighting with diseases of addiction and getting what I deserve I think my higher power for letting me in a place of my recovery. If I was working close in this centre I would have hold tied and be an out patient booking me as a permanent resident of the centre thanks for making me.

Individual Counselling

Mr Hennie is one of the best, he is the person I prefer to talk to him mostly as he opened most of the door that were closed on me.

Occupational Therapy

Haa!!! Ms Innocentia she knows what she always talk. I like to learn from someone who always yet on my shoe when teach me. I feel free around her.

Social Worker

Yes of course she had just introduced to me but immediately she form a strong way of communication and being part of us in recovery.

Group Therapy

With Moses I didn't know that using music sometime its a tool towards recovery, thanks Mos and I was looking at stages not taking closer look but thanks to him for being an eye - opener. Holistic Treatment Body stress Release Now I know somethings are not magically if you focus, thanks to Janine Trauma Release Exercises Holistic Coaching/ Healing I know exactly how to use my energy to communicate and once again I don't doubt Janine.

Recovery Coaching

Both are the people to talk to they have been on this path and straight talking and people to share my problems with them.


As a person sometimes I got uncomfortable to eat something I never eat but anyway I found the energy such that I'm use to my junk meals like cow heals, fat cook, levers all that oily.


Meeting all new people making friends sharing ideas all that I what I got from here, talking free to group, coming with ideas elaborating from the read text in front of people I learn from here.


I couldn't know that I can be loved as I feel right feel belong, feeling that some people do care as I found or get myself adopted in a family where I could share my heart off like this.

What Makes PRC Different? 

PRC was a place to find myself where I learned more things I did not do by myself a lot to do down here I know I'm going to go well equipped in all spheres of life I'm looking for.

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