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20 September 2022


At PRC Recovery, I found a warm welcome and personalized support. From orientation to counselling, they helped me feel at home and supported.


I wish that they can continue welcoming other people like me.

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I wish that they can continue welcoming other people like me.

I arrived at PRC recovery on the 10/08/2022, by the time I arrived they welcomed me with warm hands. I felt at home. I wish that they can continue welcoming other people like me. I got orientated and they gave me my own personal timetable so that I can know what is happening at particular times. They also did a drug test so they can know exactly what my drug of choice is. The coaches and the counsellors are free, you can ask anything from them, they can help you. If you are sick the take you to the doctor. There is a sick room here. Bring the weak and the professional nurse is always there. The group counselling helped me a lot. There are also individual sessions with the social worker.

Individual Counselling

The sessions were good. We discussed with what lead me to relapse. I was advised on how to prevent it. We also talked about the financial budget. I was advised on how to draft a budget for myself.

Group Counselling

I have attended the following groups, STD's, emotional intelligence, relapse prevention, distress tolerance, stages of recovery, character defects, grief, self-acceptance, co-dependency etc. These groups will help me a lot in my recovery.

Step Work Counselling

I have done step one and realized that my addiction is a disease, I am powerless to it. I cannot manage it; the only way is to surrender. I have also done steps 2 and 3. I believe that there is a power greater than myself. Currently I am busy with step 4, I realize that all the 12 steps will help me in moving forward in my recovery.


The classrooms are in good condition, so are the rooms, the kitchen and the bathrooms.


PRC Recovery always makes a point that we eat healthy food.


I always attended NA/AA meetings; they helped me a lot in my recovery. I used to hear other recovering addicts share their experience.


I realized that PRC Recovery is a good centre for addicts. What needs to be done is to install cameras. They must also buy big air conditioners since it is very cold here, install some in the classrooms and also in the rooms.

What Makes PRC Different?

When we all become family, irrespective of our race. PRC Recovery is not a political or religious institution. Here we are all given duties to do, but the duties change weekly. Every Sunday you change the bedding, so that it can be washed. Everyone is allocated a time and day to do his/her own washing. They supply us with soap and there is a washing machine.

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