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27 October 2022


Turn darkness into light at PRC Recovery. Overcome challenges, find solutions, and embrace transformation. Personalized support makes a difference.


Turn the darkness into light and let the light shine.

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Turn the darkness into light and let the light shine.

Turn the darkness into light, let the light shine. It is hard work but definitely worth it. I really struggle to sleep without a fan and did not take sleeping medicine. Thanks to Onthene for making a plan for me. It would be nice if each room had a fan.

Individual Counselling

I found the individual sessions very helpful. Helped me with my emotional balance.

Group Counselling

I enjoyed the groups we had. It was very helpful to me. Interaction took place to make sure that we all understood.

Step Work Counselling

I learned a lot from Morne and will always be grateful. He helped me become myself again and a better version than before and to speak up that my voice matters.


The facility was very nice, the big yard made it nice to take walks. It became my new home and was comfortable setup. Nice to have the time and place and had a lot of wood to make fires with.


The food is nice and it is portioned by a dietician, but I don't eat vegetables. It would have been nice if three was maybe three extra menu days so that we don't eat the same thing every week.


The NA/AA fellowship is very caring and allows me to be myself without judgement and allowed to share exactly what I went through and what I was feeling.


The rooms are okay, the mattresses are worn. The sponge mattress on top did make it more comfortable.

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