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Flakka, Gravel

Flakka, Gravel

Flakka Drugs Treatment

Alpha-PVP is a synthetic mimicking cathinone (amphetamine-like stimulant found in the khat plant) and creates feelings of euphoria, a heightened sense of awareness, energy and stimulation. In some people it produces a catatonic-like state. Flakka is crystalline and looks like little rocks. Users report similar experience to methamphetamine.

Signs and Symptoms

Spotting the signs of Flakka and Gravel misuse can be challenging due to their potent and unpredictable effects. Common signs may include:

> Extreme agitation and paranoia
> Hallucinations or delusions
> Aggressive behavior or violence
> Increased heart rate and blood pressure
> Profuse sweating
> Seizures or convulsions
> Hyperthermia (elevated body temperature)
> Erratic or unpredictable behavior
> Muscle spasms or jerking movements
> Self-injury or harm

Methods of Use

> Snorting
> Smoking
> Injecting
> Vaporized

Adverse Effects

> Extreme agitation
> Delirious thoughts
> Hallucinations
> Profound paranoia
> Elevated heart rate
> Jerking muscle movements
> Seizures
> Dehydration
> Renal failure
> Increased body temperature

Overdose Potential

Flakka is stronger and more dangerous than other synthetic cathinones and both fatal and non-fatal cases have been reported.


> Mood swings
> Irritation
> Anxiety
> Insomnia
> Suicidal thoughts
> Seizures
> Irregular heart beat


> Self-help organizations – Talking with others who also have a disorder have been proven to be very effective.
> Therapy – Behaviour therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy is a proven evidence based therapy teaching skills to reduce the urges. Find a licensed practitioner.
> Medications – Studies suggest that some medication may be effective for the treatment of gambling addiction. Speak to a psychiatrist specialised in addiction treatment for an evaluation and recommendations.
> Treatment programs – Many in-treatment and outpatient programs can assist with a gambling disorder.

Why choose PRC Recovery?

We are a registered treatment centre specialising in the treatment of addictive disorders. Our individualised approach to treating addiction is based on international standards and includes the many proven modalities in the treatment of addiction.

​Key focus areas for an effective program:

> Family involvement – family participation in the treatment of any addiction is vital.
> Individualised approach – underlying issues prolonging any addiction is based on the individual and therefore individual treatment plans are an important component to effective treatment of addiction by a qualified professional counsellor.
> 12 step program – Twelve step programs have proven highly effective in the treatment of addiction and starts forming the solid foundation in early recovery. It is also used as the platform to the introduction of self-help organisations, forming part of the aftercare.
> Aftercare – Stopping the addiction is only the foundation phase in the treatment of addiction. A well thought-out aftercare plan is crucial to sustain long-term recovery.


Understanding Flakka Abuse

At PRC Recovery, our commitment to addressing substance abuse challenges encompasses providing comprehensive insights into various drugs. In this segment, we focus on Flakka, a synthetic cathinone known for its amphetamine-like effects. Our aim is to empower individuals with knowledge, promote informed decision-making, and underscore the importance of seeking professional assistance when navigating the complexities of substance misuse.

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