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Krokodil, Russian Magic, Zombie Drug

Krokodil, Russian Magic, Zombie Drug

Krokodil Drug Treatment

Synthesizing desomorphine from codeine, it causes relaxation and euphoria. It has a sedative and analgesic effect and is highly addictive. It is fast acting and 10 to 15 times more potent than morphine.

Signs and Symptoms

Due to the short duration of the “high”, users may administer the drug more frequently, resulting in a physical dependence. The most noticeable signs of abuse may include the following:

> Extreme skin ulcerations
> Scale-like skin
> Soft tissue infections
> Gangrene

Methods of Use

> Injecting

Adverse Effects

> Memory loss
> Impaired concentration
> Blood vessel damage
> Ulcers
> Pneumonia
> Blood poisoning
> Rotting gums or tooth loss
> Bone infections
> Speech and motor skills impaired
> Respiratory depression
> Potential lethal overdose

Overdose Potential

Krokodil is potentially fatal.


​Withdrawal is commonly compared to heroin withdrawal which is physically and emotionally uncomfortable and may last as long a month.

> Agitation
> Anxiety
> Depression
> Muscle cramping
> Hot and cold sweats
> Diarrhoea
> Nausea
> Insomnia


> Self-help organizations – Talking with others who also have a disorder have been proven to be very effective.
> Therapy – Behaviour therapy or cognitive behaviour therapy is a proven evidence based therapy teaching skills to reduce the urges. Find a licensed practitioner.
> Medications – Studies suggest that some medication may be effective for the treatment of gambling addiction. Speak to a psychiatrist specialised in addiction treatment for an evaluation and recommendations.
> Treatment programs – Many in-treatment and outpatient programs can assist with a gambling disorder.

Why choose PRC Recovery?

We are a registered treatment centre specialising in the treatment of addictive disorders. Our individualised approach to treating addiction is based on international standards and includes the many proven modalities in the treatment of addiction.

​Key focus areas for an effective program:

> Family involvement – family participation in the treatment of any addiction is vital.
> Individualised approach – underlying issues prolonging any addiction is based on the individual and therefore individual treatment plans are an important component to effective treatment of addiction by a qualified professional counsellor.
> 12 step program – Twelve step programs have proven highly effective in the treatment of addiction and starts forming the solid foundation in early recovery. It is also used as the platform to the introduction of self-help organisations, forming part of the aftercare.
> Aftercare – Stopping the addiction is only the foundation phase in the treatment of addiction. A well thought-out aftercare plan is crucial to sustain long-term recovery.


Understanding Krokodil Abuse

Krokodil, also known as desomorphine, is a highly potent opioid derivative of codeine. Its street name derives from the drug's devastating effects on users' skin, causing it to resemble the appearance of a crocodile. This substance induces a fast-acting and intense high, making it highly addictive. The following information provides insights into the various aspects of Krokodil use, its impact on health, social implications, addiction, and the available resources for recovery.

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