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29 June 2019


Pace has a lot of potential and is a great place. The time I spent at PRC after my relapse was valuable. The counselling excellent.


PRC helped me back onto the path of recovery after my relapse.

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PRC helped me back onto the path of recovery after my relapse.

I feel that the time I spent at PRC after my relapse was valuable as it kept me safe and helped me get back onto the path of recovery.

Individual Counselling

The counselling I received from Daniele and Octavea was excellent. I just wish that I could've had more sessions with them since I was on the "intensive" programme.

Group Counselling

Overall the group sessions were informative and fun.

Step Work Counselling

From the two recovery coaches, I got a lot of insight. I however only had 2 sessions with the 'head coach'? The work I did with Daniele however was invaluable to my ongoing recovery.


The facility has a lot of potential but it still needs a ton of work (better bedding & beds, heat in the rooms as it gets freezing cold due to the drywalls) The Facility has a lot of areas that need maintenance and fixing as it is obvious it has been ignored.


The dinners were of great quality most nights. The other areas need improvement. There is little variety and it's clear that budget is more important than the quality of the dishes. There is way too much starch & too little protein (healthy protein, not processed).


I found that there was very little Fellowship as we were confined to the staff and clients 95% of the time. No outside meetings (aside from the 1 as a 'treat'). No H&I and the meetings that we did have, there wasn't a lot of outside fellows present in attendance.


Pace has a lot of potential & is a great place. There is a shortage of staff as I can not imagine how it is manageable with more than 6 clients with the current amount of staff. The 'admin fee' for the tuck is ridiculous on top of the mark-up on all of the VERY limited tuck. Stock that was out of most of the items on the list for the entirety of my stay. A lot more structure and better use of the time available will be more productive. Transparency of how my money was spent would be nice.

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