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25 March 2024


Discover how PRC Recovery transformed my life through individual counseling, group therapy, and holistic treatments. Despite facility challenges, the supportive staff and engaging programs made a significant impact on my recovery journey.


Rediscovery and Healing: My Journey at PRC Recovery

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Rediscovery and Healing: My Journey at PRC Recovery

I came to Pace after hitting bottom. I was ashamed of my relapse, so the staff members welcomed me with both hands.

Individual Counselling

I met with the Psychologic in group session where I learned about grief.

Occupational Therapy

She taught me how to face reality.

Social Worker

I feel confident after the sessions on how to let go of the past and focus on the future.

Group Therapy

Mart - was very good with yoga

Wendy - was very good at keeping us psychologically free and open-minded

Moses - was very good

Recovery Coaching

He engaged me in a journey of recovery and accept my addiction.


Was good, except the bed not comfortable.


Meals were good, well prepared, except portion.


I have no issues with the fellowship.


I am grateful for the staff helping me through my journey of recovery. to the client for welcoming me with a warm hand.

What Makes PRC Different?

None, this is my second time in PRC and I feel at home.

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