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25 May 2020


I've been blessed with this opportunity at PRC Recovery. I found the 12 step program to get all the issues out that I needed to reflect on.


There is no better place I could have experienced recovery.

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There is no better place I could have experienced recovery.

I have been blessed to have this opportunity here at PRC Recovery. I have found the 12 step program to be rigorous and getting all the issues out that I needed to reflect on. I had a really good experience with the class lessons and it really taught me a lot about my addiction and what to look out for. The comradery with other housemates can not be summarized sufficiently in words, I really felt like part of the family during my stay. The activities such as goodwill were very engaging and I enjoyed putting up fences, the work we did on the gates and the trenches we dug. I feel the three months have been uplifting and there was no better place in which I could have experienced what recovery actually means. Thanks for everything!

Individual Counselling

The Individual Counselling has been great. I got a lot out of it since I opened up about my personal affairs to someone who was willing to listen and keep an open mind and also give me feedback that I can actually use.

Group Counselling

The group lessons taught me a lot and I got a wide range of topics that were covered. Particular interest to me was the class on relapse prevention and sexually transmitted infections as well as the class on boundaries.

Step Work Counselling

The counsellors really do a good job in evaluating my step work. Their in-depth knowledge on the 12 steps and how this translates into your own step work really made a difference when I was faced with a challenge in my own work.


The facility is ideal for a rehabilitation centre. Everything located in one place, there is a very lovely braai area as well as kitchen and dining area. I got the most ideal sleep in the bedrooms. Plenty of activities to keep busy in and around the facility.


The meals were great. I enjoyed the fact that the meals were set and prepared according to a weekly schedule. I particularly enjoyed the pizza over the weekend and the potjiekos on special occasions.


The NA and AA meetings were very helpful. I enjoyed participating as well as sharing them. I found many people who while sharing their stories I could get a lot from them in relation to my own experiences.


The place definitely needs a swimming pool for days that are in the summer season. The notice board should be updated with the latest photographs.

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