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3 October 2023


PRC Recovery gave me the tools to overcome fear and regain control of my life for myself and my family. Ready for a clean and productive future.


Empowered and Ready: My Transformation at PRC Recovery.

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Empowered and Ready: My Transformation at PRC Recovery.

When I walked into PRC for the first time I was scared, but looking back I really don't know why I was scared because I was doing it for me and my family. Now I have the tools to get my life back on track. I have the tools to stay clean and live a productive life.

Individual Counselling

Hennie: helped me with my biggest problem that is fear, so he helped me a lot.

Occupational Therapy

Only had one session with Innocentia but I think there can be more of those. 

Social Worker

Haven't had sessions with her but by the looks of things she will be very good for Pace Recovery

Group Therapy

Janine is very good at what she does she helped me the most at my time here. Moses, I could talk to him every time that I wanted to. He has given me support he gave us tough love but that was a really good thing. Facility I have no problem with the facility I like here.

Recovery Coaching

Very good I got what I needed from them to help me in this disease.


With meals I have no problem I'm not here to eat and get fat I'm here to get treatment for my addiction


Everyone always made me good and helped me when I struggled, they made me feel part of this fellowship.


I have nothing to add all I can say is PRC is doing a good work keep it up.

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