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15 April 2020


I know the struggle still continues when I leave, but this time the worlds has nothing on me, I am alive. So look out world, here I come.


I am now ready for change, a new start and a new beginning.

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I am now ready for change, a new start and a new beginning.

Before I came to recovery, my life was a mess. Every road I took lead me deeper into my addiction. I was confused about what I wanted in my life. This is when I chose to redefine myself, Using the little I had, I scraped up the broken pieces and changed the outcome of my self-portrait . I let my fears go, and got back up. By turning the tables and going against almost every stigma surrounding people in need of help. That was me, with a needle in my veins trying to escape pain and found a better way to live. My Higher Power, Jesus, saved me, His child. Although I have not been to church in years and my Bible collected dust, He was there. Going to NA and AA meetings every Tuesday and Thursday helped me gain a better perspective. Knowing I am not the only one who gives me hope. Hearing others testimonies brought me faith. Learning from other clients accepting one another. I know the struggle still continues when I leave but this time around the world has got nothing on me. I am alive and I believe that God has set me free. My experiences here have offered me the opportunity to become the best version of myself, by seeking a Higher Power. PRC Recovery has treated my disease for what it is, and although life can become unmanageable at times I no longer have to use it ever again. I am now ready for change, a new start and a new beginning. So look out world, here I come.

Individual Counselling

I received a better understanding of my disease and felt as if I worked out most of my underlying issues

Group Counselling

Felt as if the clients and myself received constructive criticism, also gained a sense of belonging in the group.

Step Work Counselling

This helped me a lot in my recovery. The counsellors shared their opinions and gave me a new perspective on life.


Everything went well enough around the facility, however, there are a couple of things that seem to have run down.


The meals were always tasty and delicious. I was satisfied with the nutrients provided, the meals were also very well balanced for my diet.


I made a lot of new friends in recovery and always felt welcomed by the other clients. They also gave me space when I needed it. I got to share a lot in NA and AA meetings.


I would recommend to someone that as a treatment centre PRC Recovery is a good place to come. The group meetings also helped me in knowing I was not alone.

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