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21 May 2023


Group counseling was good, but more reading material would be helpful. Facility improvements needed for better comfort and satisfaction.


Challenges and Growth: My Journey with PRC Recovery.

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Challenges and Growth: My Journey with PRC Recovery.

Individual Counselling

I didn't have any with the social worker.

Group Counselling

Group was always good, but I feel we should be given some reading material especially when a facilitator is having his/her notes for referrals.

Step Work Counselling

It was great and knowledgeable, so I learned a lot about myself, and I got enough information to face the world and my disease.


The facility needs a lot of work especially the bedrooms because these beds and blanks are not in good condition. The TV room needs an upgrade also, because we still need to know what is going on outside this place.


Meals were never enough. It's like you guys are saving a lot. I really hate being hungry and eating a small amount of food.


The guys that I was with were great and their advice built my esteem and brought a lot of information.


You should really consider upgrading the facility course it will be hard to refer someone if the facility is like this have better security majors, high quality bed and a better menu.

What Makes PRC Different?

I have never been in a recovery centre before, but I was expecting to see a Therapist (Qualified) as part of my recovery but there is not available. I was also expecting to receive better treatment, especially the facility and the hospitality.

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