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5 March 2019


At PRC Recovery I was received with lots of love and care. I found this to be so unusual as I had been to Rehab five times previously.


I have a new lease on life, I feel freedom and inner peace.

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I have a new lease on life, I feel freedom and inner peace.

As I got to PRC I was received with lots of love and care. I found this to be so unusual of rehab as I had been to Rehab five times previously and found that I was treated as a patient, not a client. Peers being especially supportive and approachable as when I got here I didn't even have a toothbrush, soap or another change of clothes within minutes someone offered me soap and another peer took me to mission down the road where I got some clothes. Quickly I felt at home and met my recovery coach, O.T., Counsellors. I was very troubled and has sessions even late at night which helped me to be able to relax and sleep. As step work, counselling progressed I felt the change happening in my life. Today it's to complete the 12 steps program, I am whole able to think rationally, more stable emotionally as I got to deal with a dark past and hurt/anger. I feel freedom and inner peace for the first time in many years. I have a new lease on life.

Individual Counselling

Brilliant. Octavea is not only highly qualified but has so much insight and in my opinion, a natural gift with finding problem areas in a person's life. I learnt a lot and found so much freedom from the past. Not to forget Daniel/Hilton they absolutely great in dealing with people as they understand addiction.

Group Counselling

Was very good, just seems people take too much time speaking in response to the topic so lots of valuable time wasted otherwise very informative and a great process suppose I am a bit biased as I believe in one on one counselling but understand the purpose for it.

Step Work Counselling

Very good, knowledge of steps incredible good feedback and suggestions. This all helps with a person's recovery, the practical side of being back in work/relationships.


Well built, clean and organised. Feel there's a need for toilets near men's rooms but understand not easy as no space to build it unless near the lounge area otherwise all good very accommodating.


Been good but meals could be changed to healthier, tastier options. Saw when chicken biryani was sent by the clients uncle/aunt that for the first time in 3 months people had seconds. A redesign of the Meals menu would be even better.


Fellowship wonderful, great sharing. People are full of love and care. A real highlight for me, even though at the moment NA tradition, people tend very bored and some at meeting more related and people enjoy the evening.


Great experience, staff very friendly and accommodating. The process works wonderfully. Very organised and does what it intends to do - change in behaviour!

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