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14 August 2022


At PRC Recovery, I found a welcoming home from day one. Grateful for the warm staff, supportive fellowship, and life-changing experience.


No words can describe the help and love I received at PRC Recovery.

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No words can describe the help and love I received at PRC Recovery.

From the very first day when I checked in on the 25th of July 2022 I felt at home. The whole staff welcomed me with warm hands. I still remember each one of them gave me a hug. That put my mind at ease. The very same day we had a session with Persty, and I participated. I felt free during group. That is where I realized that I made the best decision to come to PRC recovery. The fellowship was so nice and still is. My stay at PRC Recovery was 100% enjoyable. I will always remember upon arrival, Megan asking me "Lizzy are you ready?" I proudly responded - Yes, I am ready." No words can describe how much I appreciate the help and love I received at PRC Recovery. I will miss you.

Individual Counselling

I had great individual counselling with my social worker, coach, occupational therapist. During this session honesty plates an important role. I was honey with all my responses and tools where provided to me helping me to recover. I will still consult with them whenever I need help regarding this disease.

Group Counselling

During group counselling I came to realize that I cannot deal with this disease alone. The group sessions gave me courage and hope that recovery is possible. Their shared experiences motivated me to fight this disease. If they can do it, I will also be able to do it.

Step Work Counselling

Step work really works for me. It outlines the exact nature of my disease and how it impacts my life and the lives of those around me. I enjoyed step one because it allowed me to let everything out regarding this disease and all the harm I caused. Honesty was more for me while I was busy with step one. I was as honest as possible. Step two gave me hope that my life can be restored to sanity through the help of a Higher Power.


The PRC recovery facility qualifies to help addicts recover. It has compliance certificates in different areas. It is operating legally. The facility is well maintained with a beautiful garden for refreshing the mind. It is all well secured and right of admission is reserved.


I like the fact that a qualified dietician was appointed to deal with the menu. When I first came I thought I will go hungry just by looking at the size of the portions of the meals. As days passed I felt that this is the best diet ever. I also realized that the portions are good, no sleeping in class.


Wow, the fellowship. I am proud to say the PRC Recovery fellowship is the best I have been privileged enough to be part of. During our meetings I felt free and respected. I will forever be part of this family.


Mr Louis and Mr Morne I will miss your jokes. Who is going to make me laugh until my stomach hurts? Ms Onthene I will miss how you used to greet me in the mornings. For all the staff at PRC Recovery I will forever be grateful for the love and care you all showered me with.

What Makes PRC Different?

I will share my own experience. Last year, 2021 I was admitted at another facility. When I came to PRC Recovery I found it was totally different. I was amazed how things where being done, from the luggage search to the personal belongings. Even the fact that there are no cell phones allowed, and no perfume which contains alcohol. I appreciated that PRC Recovery appointed different professionals for an all inclusive program. Social workers, occupational therapist, psychologist and recovery coaches. The previous facility I was at had no such things. At PRC Recovery they are focused on helping addicts to recover.

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