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11 November 2020


I worked the program, opened up to other addicts and re-connected with my Higher Power. I let go of feelings I carried with me for 38 years.


I was in denial but soon realised - I AM AN ADDICT!

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I was in denial but soon realised - I AM AN ADDICT!

When I arrived at PRC recovery I was very scared. I almost ran away. I was in denial and felt I did not belong. Thanks to PRC recovery staff and the Fellowship, I soon realised - I AM AN ADDICT! I started working on the program, opening up to other addicts and re-connecting with my Higher Power. It felt so good to let go of feelings I carried with me for 38 years. It gave me a sense of relief and freedom. I will take so many things I have learned with me on my road to recovery 1. my past does not define who I am today 2. accepting situations I can not change 3. I am focused on my step work, and I am willing to do what it takes 4. I reconnected with God 5. I am fearful, but positive about the future. I can not wait to start my life in sobriety! One puff, one prick, one drink is too many and a thousand never enough.

Individual Counselling

I really learned a lot from Octavea, Onthene and Mart! All of you are excellent assets to this

Group Counselling

Group counselling was very informative. Again I learned a lot and I could relate to some of the topics. I enjoyed interacting with the group. Thank you Onthene and Octavea.

Step Work Counselling

Mart, Onthene and Octavea helped me so much! I could ask any of them for help at any time and they were always willing to help and listen to me.


It is a good place for recovery. Maybe some fans in the classrooms and kitchen during summertime.


Overall the meals were delicious. Thank you to Micheal and T for working in the hot kitchen every day. Suggestion: maybe smaller portions, a lot of my food went to waste.


I enjoyed attending the meetings. I could relate to every person's life story in some way.


Every tear I shed, every smile I smiled and every cent spent for me to be her was worth it.

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