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3 January 2021


The heart of PRC Recovery saved my life. This program will change you and make you feel better than all your best highs combined.


I am no longer a slave to a disease that would see me dead.

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I am no longer a slave to a disease that would see me dead.

Before coming to PRC Recovery I did my detox and primary treatment at another facility in Randburg. When I came to treatment I did not know what to expect. I understood that I would be doing the 12 step program but I did not know what that meant. I was worried that I was going to be baptized in the river and have my addiction prayed away. From the second day I was here I quickly learned that this was not the case, In this program, the counsellors and other staff allow you to find your own spiritual path and with their guidance, this is truly possible. I woke up in treatment, my addiction had made me so tired and bored with life. This program gave me something to look forward to outside the getting and using of drugs. You have to work hard and be honest with yourself but if you are, the change you feel is better than all your best highs combined. "The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel" is the heart of PRC Recovery and in this place is where I saved my life. I have a life again and am no longer a slave to the disease that would see me dead. Thank you to everyone at PRC Recovery. I and everyone who knows me will be eternally grateful to you guys forever.

Individual Counselling

Octavea is a very insightful, honest and intelligent counsellor. My sessions with her one on one were not many but I gained a lot of perspective and insight from them.

Group Counselling

Group classes were mostly good, the facilitators and counsellors gave interesting topics that as a group we were able to share our experiences.

Step Work Counselling

Onthene was my recovery coach, I felt immediately comfortable sharing my experience with her. I felt that she listened to me very well and guided me so that I could come to important conclusions, without telling me, we spoke about it and got there together.


Once you land and understand the process and environment the Facility is great and has everything we need. Everything is comfortable and homely.


Considering I have a special diet as a vegetarian I was never left for want. The food was delicious and nutritional, a vast variety to never get bored.


The AA and NA meetings are formal and even though the people who attend are mostly from the house, the meetings are insightful and professional.


Generally, I had a great experience. There weren't very many things that bothered me and so I could focus on my recovery.

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