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29 February 2024


PRC's insightful counseling and holistic approach transformed my journey to recovery. From brilliant guidance to invaluable therapy sessions, find support and empowerment here.


I am grateful for the support I received to begin my recovery.

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I am grateful for the support I received to begin my recovery.

I am grateful for the support I received to begin my recovery.

Individual Counselling

Hennie is absolutely brilliant. He is patient, and understanding and the best guide I loved his guidance and sessions.

Occupational Therapy

Innocentia’s therapy sessions were invaluable. I loved the interactions and problem-solving through feedback.

Social Worker

I am actually not clear on what a social worker does but appreciated what Wendy did do nonetheless.

Holistic Coaching/Healing

These sessions were really good and challenged my ideas.

Human Design

By far the most interesting sessions.

Group Therapy

Moses offered the most insightful, challenging and valuable sessions. Having us reflect on everything was priceless. Janine sessions were extremely interesting and I am looking forward to further exploring the topics.

Recovery Coaching

Moses is a great coach and I truly value and appreciate his guidance and every single lesson he taught me.


While I was comfortable enough to get by, some of the facilities need some tlc. Lots of unused space, which could be put to better use.


Appreciated that I was catered for and that Gogo Suzan did so much for me.


I enjoyed the support and that the NA meetings had outside visitors, hearing different perspectives and shares was great.


I appreciate the guidance and life lessons.

What Makes PRC Different?

I’ve not been to other institutions.

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