The combined and integrated approach are an effective method carefully selected to the treatment of substance abuse disorders. By making use of these essential parts in our programme we offer a comprehensive map in the journey of recovery and re-discovering yourself. 

1 month

3 months

6 months




From detoxification to reintegration. Primary treatment constitutes the first 30-days of treatment that seeks to identify the problem and then offers the solution.

Primary Treatment is a short-term residential programme that provides intensive treatment that uses the 12-steps and evidence-based therapy.

Secondary treatment thrusts recovery into action through 90-days of thorough addiction counselling and recovery coaching that concentrates on the content and structure of recovery that provides a complete and holistic view on treatment.


Secondary Treatment is a medium-term residential program that focuses not only on abstinence but also addresses related areas of impaired functioning.

Tertiary treatment aims to provide an opportunity to not only work on the underlying issues but a longer time-frame for the client to practice the tools learned through counselling whilst in a safe environment. 


Individualised Treatment Plans


With the establishment of individual treatment plans, we use several tools which form part of our integral model of recovery. Integral assessments and assignments will be conducted throughout the first two weeks of admission. All assessments are prepared to take critical information into consideration when developing their individual treatment plans. 

Holistic Recovery Approach


Apart from the treatment philosophy and therapeutic goals, the following is incorporated into our program offering a holistic approach focusing on body, mind and soul. 


Twelve Step Program

The basic premise of this model is that people can help one another achieve and maintain abstinence from substances of abuse. It allows for mental and emotional transformative practices and tools.  


Group Therapy

Group sessions are carefully selected to cover a wide area of concerns that typically surrounds the nature of addiction. These groups are therapeutic related, educational and/or support driven. Some of these topics may form part of the individual treatment plan. 


Family Involvement

Family integration and participation is a very sensitive matter to us and a lot of effort goes into assisting the family to restore the family unit, understanding how addiction influences the family dynamics and the way forward. 

Aftercare Plan and Support

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports between 40 - 60 percent of individuals are at risk of relapsing during the first twelve months in recovery. A fundamental function of addiction treatment is promoting long-term recovery through relapse prevention and therefore a continuum of support post rehabilitation treatment is critical to successful recovery.