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Our Programme

Our treatment program embraces a combined and integrated approach, carefully designed to address substance abuse disorders effectively. By incorporating essential components, we provide individuals with a comprehensive roadmap for their journey of recovery and self-discovery.


Rehabilitation Options for Substance Abuse South Africa



Transitioning from treatment to recovery is a pivotal step in the journey towards overcoming substance abuse.


At our substance abuse rehabilitation center in South Africa, we offer a primary treatment program that spans 21 days. This short-term residential rehab program provides intensive and focused treatment, drawing from a customized holistic and evidence-based 12-step therapeutic intervention.


By combining these approaches, individuals are empowered to gain a fresh perspective and adopt a new way of life that extends far beyond the initial phase. This comprehensive approach establishes a strong foundation for long-term recovery and sets individuals on a path towards sustained healing and growth.



Transitioning from detoxification to reintegration marks a significant phase in the recovery journey. In our extended primary treatment program, we propel individuals into active recovery through a comprehensive 7-week process of integrated services, addiction counseling and recovery coaching.


While establishing a solid foundation is essential, it is equally important to set recovery in motion. This program focuses on short-term behavioral goals, providing individualized counseling and guiding individuals towards completing the 12-step process. Through this program, individuals learn proven coping strategies and gain valuable tools to sustain abstinence.


Within a safe and structured environment, recovery is reinforced, enabling individuals to achieve lasting recovery and maintain their progress on the path towards reintegration.

3 months


Transitioning from a state of feeling lost to being rediscovered, our secondary program embraces the entirety of the recovery continuum within a social context, offering a comprehensive treatment experience for individuals with stays lasting three months and above.


Secondary treatment prioritizes holistic therapeutic reconstruction within a supportive recovery community, placing emphasis on "re-socialization" and confronting harmful beliefs, self-perceptions, and destructive patterns.


This long-term rehabilitation opportunity allows for a deeper exploration of underlying issues over an extended period, with the goal of discovering new, more harmonious, and constructive ways of engaging with others.

Choosing the Best Rehabilitation Option for Your Loved One


Navigating the array of rehabilitation options for substance abuse in South Africa can be overwhelming. You can find reassurance in our commitment to assisting you in making a decision that maximizes your chances of achieving sustained recovery success. We are dedicated to guiding you towards an option that offers ample opportunities for comprehensive and effective treatment.

Factors taken into consideration:

  • Detoxification - The ability to fully participate in the program can be affected by the recovery time required after detoxification.

  • Brain Chemistry Changes - Long-term substance abuse can significantly alter brain chemistry, affecting decision-making processes and hindering motivation for change.

  • Psychological and Social Factors - Factors such as self-esteem, distress tolerance, and emotional intelligence influence how individuals navigate everyday life. The ability to actively use the tools learned in treatment plays a crucial role in achieving behaviour modification, making it an important consideration in choosing the appropriate program duration.

  • Confronting Life's Challenges - The examination of current life events, including family conflicts, work-related issues, and procrastination, can significantly impact the necessary level of depth in a treatment program.

Our Approach

Individualised Addiction Treatment



Embark on a personalised journey to recovery at our drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa. Our individualised addiction treatment focuses on crafting unique paths for each individual, utilizing a comprehensive set of tools within our integrated recovery model. Integral assessments, including medical and psychological evaluations, psychosocial assessments, and personality profiling, are conducted in the first week. These assessments inform the development of the Individual Development Plan (IDP) that defines the course of treatment with measurable, time-sensitive goals. Daily inventories track progress and challenges throughout the program, ensuring a tailored approach to recovery. Start your personalized rehabilitation journey with us.

Holistic Addiction Recovery

Ashtanga Yoga


Revitalize your recovery journey with PRC Recovery Centre, a holistic drug rehab centre in South Africa. Our individualised approach focuses on body, mind, and soul, aiming to restore balance to all aspects of life and promote overall wellness. We believe in a compassionate response to the complexity of addiction, providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore and address underlying issues. Our programs incorporate diverse modalities, including Body Stress Release, Reiki Healing, EFT Tapping, Human Design, TRE Treatment, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition, Gardening, Recreation Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation. Contact us to start your holistic healing journey with PRC Recovery.

Holistic 12-Step Rehab

Image by Alexis Brown


Embark on your journey to sobriety with PRC Recovery Centre, a holistic 12-step rehab centre in South Africa. We treat addiction comprehensively, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Utilizing the Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step Program, our customised approach emphasizes transformative practices, inclusivity, and a disease perspective. Explore the 12 steps, each fostering self-awareness, acceptance, amends, and spiritual growth. Contact us to join our holistic recovery mission. Our program extends from withdrawal management to ongoing support, including participation in support groups, meetings, and events within the 12-step program.

Group Addiction Therapy

Group Discussion


Unite in Recovery at PRC Recovery Centre, a leading addiction treatment centre in South Africa. Recognizing the significance of group therapy, we offer evidence-based sessions covering diverse topics like distress tolerance, defence mechanisms, grief, honesty, assertiveness, gratitude, forgiveness, guilt, and more. Our individualized approach extends to specialized groups addressing specific challenges. From managing disruptive emotions to developing self-esteem and understanding health awareness, our comprehensive program aims to empower individuals in their journey to recovery. Contact us for addiction treatment and embark on a transformative path towards lasting sobriety.

Family Addiction Treatment

Image by John-Mark Smith


Experience family-centric addiction recovery at PRC Recovery, a leading substance abuse treatment centre in South Africa. Acknowledging addiction as a family disease, our program focuses on rebuilding relationships. Family integration is central to our approach, offering support and understanding to families affected by addiction. Our family therapy sessions cover a range of topics, including the impact of addiction on family dynamics, codependency, enabling, and effective boundary-setting. Active family participation is encouraged throughout treatment. Detailed progress reports keep families informed about treatment goals and progress.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

Image by Dimitri Houtteman


Secure Your Freedom: Learn the art of relapse prevention with PRC Recovery, a premier alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa. Recognizing that relapse is a significant challenge during the first year of recovery, our aftercare planning becomes a crucial element for long-term success. In collaboration with clients, families, and our case management team, we address key areas in the aftercare plan, including routine maintenance, fellowship meetings, social relationships, employment, body image, specialist visits, triggers and behaviours, boundaries, and consequences. Our comprehensive approach ensures ongoing support, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of life post-treatment.

Why Choose PRC Recovery
The Best Rehab in South Africa


Let's go into more detail about what makes PRC Recovery one of the best rehabilitation centres in South Africa. Yes, we are registered, provide specialist staff, offer detox off-site and cater for both short- and long-term rehabilitation programmes, but there is more to the story.

Orientation kicks off with assignments focused on nipping some issues in the butt. It might come across as a no-nonsense approach but it allows the client to overcome any possible denial.

Individual Treatment Plans are not developed by us. We merely facilitate methods to guide you to the conclusions which will determine your true intentions in terms of goals and objectives.

The Twelve-Steps Programme will be tough as it digs deep. With our guidance, you’ll learn methods to get down to the core problems, while introducing you to the Fellowship and experiencing the true bond created by sincere sharing.

Family participation cannot be stressed enough. Not only do we help reconnect the broken bonds but teach the entire family communication and boundaries that are vital in your recovery.

Having fun sober is important. We teach you that life without substances is where life starts. Your outlook will change as you realise your substance abuse just dulled out your ability to have fun.

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